N Propyl Acetate

Item #: AKM-PAT

General Description

A clear colorless liquid with a pleasant odor, is an ester, forming azeotropic mixtures with alcohol. Miscible with many organic solvents (alcohols, ketones, aldehydes, glycols, ethers of glycol and hydrocarbons), and little soluble in water. It is produced by direct esterification of acetic acid with propanol, in the presence of a catalyst.
Used in the dilution of polyurethane inks for printing all kinds of packaging in the flexographic and engraving industry. Also in the preparation of nitrocellulose lacquers and varnishes in the paint industry. It is solvent in perfumery, nail polish and enamel removers, reagent for the pigment industry.


CAS Number: 109-60-4
UN/NA Number: 1276
EINEC number: 203-686-1